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Color psychotherapy focuses on enrichment of the individual's expression. Contact with color, above all else, allows the individual to discover his /her creative forces which then connect with the power to overcome hardship. This approach  softens stabilizing mechanisms while taking into account the individual's overall functioning. Working with colors and material "penetrates" the defensive shields and "touches" the deepest physical layers of corporeal experience.

Expanding expression and coping abilities requires a therapist's  attention to the client's expression, mapping out his internal make-up along the different axes of perceptual, emotional and cognitive development, hence suggesting creative tasks in the therapeutic arena. The therapist's hypotheses about the client's difficulties will guide the choice of colors and materials for the expression he suggests. The assumption is that working with specific materials will create specific changes on specific levels while alternative materials would lead to change on alternative levels.
Yoav Fischer  is an expert  clinical psychologist and supervisor in psychotherapy and psychodiagnosis. Graduated with a BA in psychology from Bar Ilan University and holds a Master in clinical child psychology from Tel Aviv University. Yoav has been a therapist for children, teenagers and adults for over 20 years in private practise, employing play therapy, dynamic verbal psychotherapy, in addtion to color psychotherapy. Yoav is also a supervising psychologist for teams of therapists in the public sector. Yoav teaches the foundations of color psychotherapy to professional groups, inclucing psychologists, social workers and art therapists.

In his article "Slime as Psychological Material", The psychotherapeutic value of slime is reflected in the framework of Color Psychotherapy (CPS). Yoav Fischer demonstrates the principles of CPS in a vivid, clear and contemporary way. The article explains why Slime has become such a widespread global phenomenon, using the axes of CPS to explanation deep psychological processes.


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בית 'אור בגבעה'
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